“Research conducted at several universities, including Michigan State, Rutgers and Tennessee, have shown that mowing three to four times per week and rolling daily can leave putting surfaces less susceptible to diseases such as dollar spot and anthracnose.” ~ Getting A Grip On Root Pythuim - Turfnet Almost Monthly, July/August 2010


We want to work with you!

Education in the Industry is important to us, and that’s why True-Surface® by Turfline supports continuing education through turfgrass research. Not only do we want you to successfully complete your education, but we also want to continually learn from you! Your research enlightens us about the industry and what measures need to be taken to successfully produce quality golf course greens.

Below is a list of universities who are currently using True-Surface® as part of their turfgrass management program:

Universities currently using True-Surface® as part of their turfgrass management program

Let us add your name to the list! Contact us to start using True-Surface® products on your campus.

Step up to True-Surface®

We are eager for you to start researching with True-Surface® products. You’ll just need to follow these 5 simple steps to get started:

        1. Contact True-Surface® by Turfline.
        2. Submit a protocol of the research you plan to perform, including a time frame of when you’ll need the equipment.
        3. Set up a demonstration with a trained True-Surface® representative to show you how to operate the equipment – the representative will come to you and demonstrate on your campus.
        4. Send True-Surface® by Turfline quarterly updates stating the progression of your research.
        5. Upon conclusion of the research, submit a written conclusion of the results of your research to True-surface® by Turfline.
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