Why Vibration

Roll with the Vibration

Use a greens roller with sweet vibrations on your golf course! Superintendents around the world know that True-Surface® patented vibration is the key to effective greens rolling.

True-Surface® vibratory greens rollers use vibration to create smooth and healthy greens, where as, ordinary golf course rollers simply smash down the greens using weight. Vibration will give you the green speed and consistency members demand on your golf course without the risk of compaction.

So how does vibration work?

Imagine putting a pile of soil or sand in the middle of a tray and then try to spread that pile out evenly among the tray. Would you smash the pile with your hand or would you shake the tray to efficiently even out your pile? Using vibration to shake out your pile of soil or sand gives you a consistent surface.

Unique to True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rollers

Only True-Surface® Vibratory Rollers’ patented selectable vibration utilizes rubber isolators to guide the vibration directly into your greens and out of your turf maintenance equipment. Furthermore, using the Select-A-Vibe™ feature, you can select the level of vibration you desire – choose from setting 1-5. No other roller on the market allows you to choose your energy level! But seeing is believing; call or click today to get a demo on your course!

True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rollers:

  • Give you control – select the amount of vibration to release into your greens using our patented Select-A-Vibe™ Dial
  • Vibrate 45% more topdressing in to the root zone than brushing alone
  • Raise your mowing height of cut
  • Are safe to operate – no training necessary
  • Reduce labor requirements
Experience sweet vibrations for yourself

See how a True-Surface® Vibe V™ Vibratory Greens Roller will benefit your golf course greens. Demo one today!


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