Client Testimonials

We know our True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rollers will create impressive results on your golf course greens, but don’t just take our word for it!  Hear what True-Surface® owners have to say about the vibratory greens rollers they use on their golf course greens.


“I have used the True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rolling System since they were first introduced in the 90’s and love the results they produce. When I came to Baywood Golf & Country Club we were in need of a new greens roller. During a recent USGA site visit, the agronomist recommended that we get a roller for the greens to help improve health of the turf and consistency of the greens. One of the members of the Baywood Women’s Golf Association recommended to the Association that they have a fundraiser for the purchase of a greens roller. The women raised the funds in a matter of months and were anxious to see the True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rolling System in action. We only had the units a week and have already put them to work with the expected results and very satisfied golfers. With the New True-Surface® Vibe V™ rollers, our greens will be the talk to the town.”

Gary Sayre, CGCS
Baywood Golf & Country Club
Arcata, CA

“We use the True-Surface® vibratory rollers at least once a week. For special tournaments, we mow and roll daily. We can increase green speed by 2 feet without lowering cutting height. Great system!”

Cliff Dipman
Manhattan Country Club
Manhattan, KS

“Since I have been using True-Surface® rollers, I have noticed the more we roll the less thatch layer we have to deal with. It seems if we roll everyday and mow ever other day the thatch layer is nonexistent and the greens are healthier, with better color, and recovers better from heavy traffic days. I came here in ’08 and never had the privilege of using rollers on my greens, and was always fighting thatch among other things. I have to contribute to the rollers for making my greens better.”

Ben Martin
Sand Springs Golf Course
Sand Springs, OK

“This product (True-Surface® Vibratory Greens Rollers) makes maintaining consistency on greens extremely easy. The raised height of cut gives us healthier greens without sacrificing the speed that golfers want.”

Jason Spitzner, CGCS
Moorhead Country Club
Moorhead, MN

“The efficiency of the True-Surface® Greens Rolling System allows us the opportunity to roll greens on days with 8:00 AM shotgun starts.”

Jim Knulty
Big Foot Country Club
Fontana, WI

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