Trekker Specifications

Walking with Greens Care

True-Surface® has always provided greens care equipment that attaches directly to triplex greens mowers, but the Trekker™ is the first line of True-Surface® products that attaches to a walk behind greens mower.

Finally! You can get the same great benefits of the True-Surface triplex attachments on a walk behind!

The True-Surface® Trekker™ is made up of 2 different products:

      1. True-Surface® Trekker™ Vibe V™
      2. True-Surface® Trekker™ Greens Care Collection

Customized To Fit Your Greens

The True-Surface® Trekker™ Vibe V™ is the only walk behind greens roller to use vibratory action to create a consistent, smooth, healthy surface. The Trekker™ Vibe V™ is customizable to your specific greens – simply select the amount of vibration that best suits your needs by using the True-Surface patented Select-A-Vibe™ Dial.

Customize your greens maintenance program with the True-Surface® Trekker™ Greens Care Collection. Interchange 13 different inserts into 1 frame and perform multiple cultural practices. Do with 1 machine that used to take several!

Download True-Surface® Trekker™ Specifications for the Trekker™ Vibe V™ and the Trekker™ Greens Care Collection

Trekker Greens Care Collection Specifications

Trekker Vibe V Specifications


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