Top 10 Uses

Total Greens Care Maintenance Machine

Turn you walk behind greens mower into a total greens maintenance machine by attaching the True-Surface® Trekker products. The Trekker™ product line consists of 2 separate attachments that fasten to your walk behind greens mower to perform multiple tasks.

      1. True-Surface® Trekker™ Vibe V™ Vibratory Greens Roller
      2. True-Surface® Trekker™ Greens Care Collection (GCC)

Each attachment is an excellent compliment to the other. Incorporate the usage of both Trekker™ products into your turf maintenance program for superior results.

Walk behind a Trekker™ to find out what application you’ll use it most for:

      1. Smooth the greens – The Trekker™ Vibe V™ will create consistently smooth greens using patented selectable vibration.
      2. Remove Thatch – The Trekker™ Greens Care Collection Vacu-Cutter™ and Vacu-Scarifier™ Inserts will remove unwanted thatch from your greens. Debris collects right into your mowers grass basket without additional clean up!
      3. Incorporate Sand Topdressing – Vibrations from the Trekker™ Vibe V™ will help you incorporate 45% more sand topdressing than just brooming alone. The more topdressing incorporation, the healthier your greens. The Trekker™ GCC Vacu-Brush™ can also be used to work in topdressing.
      4. Prepare Greens for Mowing – Use the Vacu-Groomer™ Insert that fits in the Trekker™ Greens Care Collection to stand up your greens prior to mowing. This practice will create a nice even cut!
      5. Aerate the Greens – The Trekker™ GCC Star Slitter Insert is the perfect solution to aerate your greens. It opens the surface without disrupting the greens.
      6. Remove Morning Dew – Dew removal can be accomplished by rolling with the Trekker™ Vibe V™ or you can use the Vacu-Brush™ inside the Trekker™ GCC.
      7. Prepare for Overseeding – The Trekker™ GCC Greens Spiker uses steel spikes to create 344 holes per square yard to quickly prep your greens for overseeding.
      8. Collect Debris – Remove surface debris by using the Trekker™ GCC Vacu-Brush™ Inserts.
      9. Vent the Greens – Open the greens surface for venting during high humidity months with the Trekker™ GCC Greens Spiker Insert.
      10. Remove Poa Annua Seedheads – The Trekker™ GCC Vacu-Groomer™ Insert is an effective tool used for removing poa annua seedheads.
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