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Trekker Vibe V

FACT: No 2 golf course greens are 100% alike. Since your greens aren’t exactly the same, we believe you shouldn’t roll them exactly the same either.

FACT: True-Surface® Trekker™ Vibe V™ allows you to customize your vibration energy with the Select-A-Vibe™ Dial of 5 different settings. In addition to the 5 settings, you can control the ground speed of your mower and produce an infinite variable result. All 18 greens can be within inches on ball roll distance (speed).

Trekker™ Vibe V™ – Customized Greens Rolling

Customize your greens rolling with the selectable vibration of the True-Surface® Trekker™ Vibe V™. True-Surface Vibratory Greens Rollers are equipped with the Select-A-Vibe™ Dial that enables you to dial in the exact vibration setting needed to roll your greens – no other roller on the market has this patented feature!

Rolling With Features

The True-Surface® Trekker™ Vibe V™ is rolling with features including:

      • Patented Vibration – Unlike weighted rollers, True-Surface® uses vibratory action to consistently smooth the greens to create a healthy putting surface.
      • Patented Select-A-Vibe™ Dial – Only the True-Surface® Vibe V™ will allow you to customize your greens rolling experience with adjustable vibration. Select setting 1-5.
      • Topdressing Incorporation – The True-Surface® Vibe V™ uses vibration to incorporate 45% more sand topdressing than just brooming alone. No other greens roller can perform this task!
      • Easy Operation – True-Surface® mounts directly to your walk behind greens mower and does not require additional operation training. Other greens rollers are sideways driven and require a trained operator to run them on the greens.
      • Universal Design – Switch mower brands with ease! True-Surface® has a universal design that allows you to change your brand of greens mowers without buying a whole new greens roller; a simple fitting kit will keep your True-Surface® greens rollers running.

Trekker™ Greens Care Collection – Time Saving Greens Care

Saving time is a critical part of almost anyone’s greens care program. The True-Surface® Trekker™ Greens Care Collection is designed to save you time with its easy-to-use 12 interchangeable inserts. Switch from task to task without wasting time messing with tools or switching out machines. The Trekker™ Greens Care Collection allows you to interchange inserts while they are still attached to your greens mower. It’s fast and easy change-out is sure to save you time.

The Trekker™ True-Surface® Greens Care Collection has outstanding features:
      • Sturdy Frame Design – Unlike other interchangeable systems, True-Surface® is not compromised by a flimsy clam-shell design. The Trekker™ Greens Care Collection frame is design to withstand golf course conditions such as weather, shop floors, and chemicals.
      • Easy-to-use Depth of Cut Site Gauge – No more counting “clicks” and turns, the True-Surface® Depth of Cut Adjuster has a Site Gauge that allows you to quickly adjust your settings by simply choosing your mark.
      • Time Saver – Change out your inserts without detaching the Trekker™ Greens Care Collection from your greens mower.
      • Interchangeable Inserts – The True-Surface® Trekker™ Greens Care Collection will do what would normally take multiple types of equipment to perform. Stop buying expensive equipment – just start your collection of greens care inserts!
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