Greens Care Collection Specifications

The Greens Care Collection is the ultimate “multi-tasker,” featuring 13 interchangeable inserts that allow you to easily switch greens maintenance tasks without switching machines.Leave your True-Surface® Greens Care Collection frames attached to your triplex greens mower to perform 13 different tasks using the interchangeable insert system!

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      1. Vacu-Cutter™– 45 Blades
      2. Vacu-Cutter™ – 32 Blades
      3. Vacu-Groomer™
      4. Vacu-Scarifier™
      5. Vertical Mower – 44 Blades
      6. Vertical Mower – 23 Blades
      7. Firm Vacu-Brush™
      8. Soft Vacu-Brush™
      9. Super Soft Vacu-Brush™
      10. Deep Slicer
      11. Greens Spiker
      12. Star Slitter
      13. NV Greens Roller

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