“I love versatility, so True-Surface® is right up our alley. We primarily use the groomers and verticutters, and once in a while the broom heads.... We own 7 aerators, 4 slicers, 3 seeders, but JUST 1 TRUE-SURFACE® (Greens Care Collection) DOES ALL OUR FUNCTIONS.” Matt Shaffer/Merion Golf Club/Ardmore, PA

Greens Care Collection

All-Inclusive Turf Maintenance Equipment

Finally! Turf maintenance equipment that works for your budget AND your greens! The True-Surface® Greens Care Collection is designed to make your greens care program fast & easy while still keeping your budget fat.

There is no need to buy a bunch of expensive tools to perform the same tasks that the Greens Care Collection does itself! Save time and money by investing in True-Surface®.

The Greens Care Collection (GCC) consists of 3 frames that attach directly to your existing triplex greens mower. Each frame has the ability to switch out from 13 different inserts. Each insert represents a different greens maintenance tool – making the GCC an all-inclusive product.

Fast & Easy Greens Care

Become more energy efficient with the collection that is fast and easy to use.

    • Quickly attach the GCC directly to your existing triplex – no training necessary
    • Change out each insert with ease – no tools needed
    • Don’t worry about clean-up – the True-Surface® vacuum effect efficiently throws debris into the grass baskets
    • Eliminate downtime because your greens are ready for play as soon as you drive off

Transforming Turf Maintenance

With 13 interchangeable inserts, the Greens Care Collection will transform from a de-thatching machine, to a turf sweeper, and then again to a greens aerator or even a turf groomer! Easily switch from 13 different tasks!

The True-Surface® Greens Care Collection will transform your turfgrass health too! Turf Maintenance is the key to healthy greens with faster speeds. Let True-Surface® show you how fast and easy greens care can be with the Greens Care Collection. Schedule a demo today and start your own transformation program!

Benefit From a Demo

The Greens Care Collection provides 12 different greens care cultural practices – why wouldn’t you want one on your course? Call today to see the benefits of the GCC by scheduling your demo!

Don’t trade in your old greens mowers – dedicate them to True-Surface® products!


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