The combination of the True-Surface® Vibratory Rollers and the True-Surface® brush will incorporate 45% more sand topdressing than a standard brush.

Flex Brush

Topdressing & Grooming Brush

The True-Surface® Flex Brush is both, a topdressing  and grooming brush – 2 in 1!  Quickly attach the Flex Brush to your triplex greensmower and use it in conjunction with your True-Surface® Greens Care Collection, your True-Surface® Vibe V, or even your triplex cutting reels!

Free Floating Across Your Greens!

Set yourself free with the True-Surface® Flex Brush and start brushing with a brush that adjust to the contours of your greens!  Flex Brush is equipped with 5 options that will transform your turf grooming and topdressing: 4 floating options and 1 fixed position.

Choose from 4 free floating positions to apply variable pressure:

  • 10 lbs (2.7 kg)
  • 15 lbs (4.5 kg)
  • 18 lbs (6.4 kg)
  • 25 lbs  (8.2 kg)

However, if free floating isn’t for you, simply lock in your setting to brush in a fixed position.  FIVE OPTIONS!  YOUR CHOICE!

Customized Grooming and Topdressing!

You want options – we have options!   Completely customize your greens grooming and topdressing dispersion!   Choose how you want to brush according to your conditions. With 5 brush slots and 4 different types of removable brushes, you can customize your brush to fit your exact needs.  Create your perfect combination:

  • Soft Solid Brush
  • Soft Slotted Brush
  • Firm Solid Brush
  • Firm Slotted Brush

Reverse! Reverse!

Our brushes are completely reversible!  When your brushes’ memory start to wear, simply reverse them and keep brushing.  You’ll love the longevity of the True-Surface® Flex Brush!