Client Testimonials

We know our True-Surface® The BadgerClaw! will create impressive results on your agricultural projects, but don’t just take our word for it!  Hear what True-Surface® product owners have to say about the The BadgerClaw!


“We have owned the BadgerClaw for three years; it has done everything we’ve asked it to and more. Honeysuckle is a huge problem in our woods, and the BadgerClaw removes it with ease. The BadgerClaw is by far our most used attachment. It is fun and addictive to operate.” “Our uses are: Grading the road, clearing trails/fence rows, moving/removing trees, and moving dirt.”

David B.
Pike County, Missouri


“I use my BadgerClaw for farm cleanup: rocks, fence rows, clearing and moving trees.”

Larry H.

“We purchased the claw to clear up several acres on our property that have been logged. I can honestly say if you can get ahold of it you can move it! A great attachment with great results.”

Larry C.

“I have a lot of different attachments; it is the most versatile one I have ever used. I use mine in the logging business: moving logs, stump removal, and (T.S.I.) Timber Stand Improvement. For two years I have put the BadgerClaw to the test; it is such a great design that I would recommend to anyone.”

Bill W.
Pike County, Missouri


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