A 7-Year University study proves that rolling 3 times per week increases speed and consistency on your greens, decreases dollar spot by 50% or more!


Your Golf Course Equipment Helps Define Your Course

The True-Surface® product line is manufactured to produce superior quality results on your golf course greens. True-Surface® will help you maintain a healthy turf while also gaining speed and consistency your golfers will love. Additionally you will sleep sound know you made a smart investment for your course because all True-Surface® products are built with no planned obsolescence.

That’s why True-Surface® manufactures turf maintenance equipment designed to keep your greens healthy and your members happy. Put your trust in a company who has been manufacturing turf maintenance equipment for over 20 years.  Our qualified staff builds quality turf maintenance products.

Below we showcase our main turf maintenance products.  Browse through to learn more, contact us or schedule an onsite demo today!


  • Vibe V Greens Roller

    Everyone wants more bang for their buck, so choose a golf course greens roller with options! When you choose the True-Surface® Vibe V™ Vibratory Greens Rollers, you are choosing a revolutionary multi-tasking turf roller.

  • Greens Care Collection

    Finally! Turf maintenance equipment that works for your budget AND your greens! The True-Surface® Greens Care Collection is designed to make your greens care program fast & easy while still keeping your budget fat.

  • Trekker

    Walk behind greens mowers… we have an attachment for that too! True-Surface® is not just a triplex greens mower attachment anymore, True-Surface® Trekker™ products are designed to attach directly to your walk behind.

  • NV 3x3 Greens Roller

    Others will be green with envy when they see you have a True-Surface® NV 3×3™ on your course. We always recommend our True-Surface® Vibe V ™ Vibratory Greens Rollers , but if you aren’t feeling the vibrations, go with our non-vibratory option.

  • Flex Brush

    The True-Surface® Flex Brush is both, a topdressing  and grooming brush – 2 in 1!  Quickly attach the Flex Brush to your triplex greensmower and use it in conjunction with your True-Surface® Greens Care Collection, your True-Surface® Vibe V, or even your triplex cutting reels!

  • The BadgerClaw!

    Completely remove trees (including the root wad) in mere SECONDS!  Shake off any excess soil, tightly stack your burn pile, then back fill your tree hole with the grader blades. You’ll love the multi-functionality of the BadgerClaw! Use your “Claw” for: tree removal, brush removal, fence post removal, tightly stack piles, surface grading, transport hay bales, eliminate tree re-growth and dangerous stumps, fill-in deep ditches, transport irregular- shaped objects, and more.