True-Surface demos around Guangzhou, China June 2010


Christine buying fruit for lunch as we were running late for an appointment.
Me having a chicken foot as an appetizer for dinner.  Not a lot of meat, but a lot of flavor.
Park making fun of Jackie as dinner progresses.  Quite the spread!
Christine, the chicken feet connoisseur, trying another restaurants version of the snack.
Toll booth operator on one of the many Chinese highways.  Note how nice they dress in uniform.
Suicide driver with propane tank just ready for that exploding collision with a vehicle.
One of the golf courses visited on this trip to the Guangzhou area.
Video of one of the Dragon boat races we watched during National Holiday.
Jackie, Christine and Marco leaving after the finish of the dragon boat races.
Walking through the village after the races and admiring the old architecture of the houses.
Taking a break from climbing to the top of a mountain in Guangzhou.
View of part of Guangzhou from observation tower on top of mountain we climbed up.
Playing the national sport of China, ping-pong in a city park.
Jackie lighting incense for prayer at Buddhist temple.
Outside the gates to Mission Hills Golf Club.
True-Surface Greens Care Collection demonstration at Mission Hills.
Starters house on the Olazabal course at Mission Hills.
View from the first tee box on the Olazabal course, site of the Asia World Cup Championship.
How many of the crabs should we cook up for you today?  Fresh and still alive at the restaurant.
Stack of Chinese wine jars that contain various snakes and herbs.  Choose which one you want to drink from depending on what is ailing you at the time.  A weak stomach from looking at the dead snakes in the drink does not count.
This is how you know when you receive the whole chicken and not 1/2 as it is the whole head.
Jackie laughing after I told him he is not a man if he does not eat the head.
Christine buying more fruit for dessert.

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