Pattaya, Thailand and Beijing, China – March 2011


Not sure about this one for a meal.  Have had pig intestine in Thailand before but was in a soup.

 One of the great “taxis” in Pattaya, Thailand.  Very cheap and efficient transportation.


 Part of the group attending the Sustainable Turfgrass Conference in Pattaya.


 Philip Russell fro?m the R & A explaining turfgrass conditions to attendees.
 Michael Coffey from the R & A and a member at St. Andrews talking to attendees at Pattaya.
 One of the roadside restaurants along the way from Bangkok to Pattaya.
 Jeff Churchill from Smithco during Greenman banquet in Beijing, China while attending the 2011 China Golf Show.
 Hessel Rozema of Redexim Charterhouse and Amy An of Greenman during Greenman 10 year celebration with John Deere banquet.
 Jackie of G-Sports looking like he is getting ready to do the Crane position for battle as Leo looks on.
 Do you want your mealworms crispy of soft?
 Jason and I with the cheap chinese lightning on the left and the good stuff on the right in white bottle.
The cheap stuff did me in that night for sure.
Robin, Jason, Me, Christine and Leo before the great times and meals start to roll.?

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