New Zealand Feb. 2010

> Superintendent Brendan Allen of the Auckland Golf Club using the True-Surface Vibe V rollers to smooth and speed up his practice green. Auckland Golf Club was founded in 1894.

Mike Anderson and Darren Hannay of Parkland and Helensville Golf Club Superintendent Paul Butler.

Helensville Golf Club using the True-Surface Greens Care Collection Vacu-cutter to remove thatch from one of the greens.
Results of using True-Surface Greens Care Collection vacu-cutter to remove thatch from green.
Parkland building in Auckland, NZ.

Hell’s Gate geothermal site in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Rainbow Trout migrating upsteam to spawn.


“Tie me Kangaroo down sport”, “Tie me Kangaroo down”, Hey wait a minute those are wallabies.



Yes folks this is a KIWI bird not the shoe polish.



Nice Rainbow Trout I caught in Lake Rotorua, New Zealand. Look how clear the stream is behind me.

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