Market Stalls in Hong Kong – October 2010


Seafood as fresh as it gets at one of the street stalls in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.


Great selection of fish so fresh they don’t smell like fish!


Open air meat market that carries every part of the animal including the tail and intestines.


Ladies Market in the Kowloon area of Hong Kong.  Great place to buy a fake Gucci.


Speaking of fakes this Jaguar look-a-like was parked outside one of the markets.  Look close at the hood emblem is you can.


Point out which hen you want to take home for dinner, go do some more shopping and by the time you get back your hen has been killed, plucked, cleaned and packaged for you.


Great table of crab set out for you to choose from and take home live.


Towards the later part of shopping for your fresh food for the day around 11:00 am.  You had better get your shopping for dinner done early for best selections.

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