Korea May 2010

> One of the great markets in Downtown Seoul, Korea.

Korean women carry food from one stall to the tables or to businesses on their heads with no hands and never spill a drop.

Every variety of dried fish and sea creature that you could think about is for sale here.

Great place to buy all varieties of fruits and vegetables.

How many different types and sizes of garlic can you purchase here?

The best ginseng in the world is rumored to be Korean Red Ginseng which is sold here in its raw form by size and grade.

The entrance to the Golden Tree “Seowon” Company Home Office and manufacturing facility.

The main entrance to the Golden Tree Home Office.

Something that you do not see in the US is tree trunks wrapped with small rope or twine. Helps keep insects from infesting the trees, but very time consuming.

Part of the manufacturing facilities where irrigation products are produced.


Some of the various different sized pipe products produced in the shipping yard.

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