Ireland and Italy – Fall of 2010


My wife Sue getting blown away with a stiff West Clare seashore breeze at Spanish Point, Ireland.


Local Mullagh resident telling cousin Jim O’Brien how it is as pub owner Noel Moroney watches on.


For any of you who used to watch BBC this is the home for the TV show Father Ted.


The Leon Pub at Quilty, Ireland that has really not been opened for years, but tourists still try to get in.


Rush hour in my village of Mullagh, Ireland.


Sue in the oldest market in Venice, Italy where any type of fruit or vegetable can be found.


This is a water taxi in Venice and the locals stand up to take a ride to the other side of the canal for around .50 Euros.


More locals standing up to cross canal.  Usually only the tourist will sit down during crossing.


Great entrance to house on canal at high tide.  Notice the steps under water at high tide, thus the sinking city.


The Rialto Bridge built around 1588.  The original bridge was built on this site in 1181 which was a pontoon bridge and replaced with several wood versions until current bridge was finished in 1591.


Three young Italian beauties drinking from one of the 122 or so public water fountains.  The city of Venice is one of the largest consumers of bottled water and the city is encouraging tourist and locals to drink from these fountains as the city is being buried under the empty plastic water bottle trash.


Sunset view of homes along the Grand Canal.


The filigree facade of the Ca’ d’Oro.  Regarded as the loveliest of Venice’s Gothic palaces.  Started construction in 1420 and was originally outfitted with gold leaf highlights on the exterior, thus the name “House of Gold”.


The leaning bell tower of the 16th Century church San Martino on the island of Burano.


One of the canals along the colorful homes on the island of Burano.  Legend has it that the homes were painted with bright colors so the fishermen could recognize their homes from the sea.


The Colosseum in Rome, Italy.  Commissioned by Emperor Vespasian in AD 72.


The Arch of Constantine, built in 315 AD to celebrate the Roman war victories and the Colosseum in the background.


The Victor Emmanuel Monument begun in 1885 to honor Victor Emmanuel, the first king of unified Italy.


The Victor Emmanuel Monument at night.


The Trevi Fountain by Nicola Salvi in 1756 is Rome’s largest and most famous fountain.  It contains the figures of Neptune, flanked by two Tritons.


The Trevi Fountain at dusk.


The Pantheon temple built in first century AD considered the best preserved ancient building in Rome.


“No really dear, I think I can fit!”


Some guy named The Pope lives here!

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