Asia Tour – July and August 2009

> Leonard Smith, SCPS with Hawthorne Pacific Group, Waipahu, Hawaii


Betty Tsai and Tony Chen with JYI-Yount Enterprise Co., LTD. in Gueishan Township, Taiwan With Tow Green CEO Kim, Sung il
Business meeting at Tow Green

Lunch with Tow Green employees in Jinju, South Korea

What size and type of dried fish do you want?

Inside fish market stalls in world famous Pusan, South Korea fish market


Tae Woo, Kwon from Kukje Intertrade Co., LTD and me after a great lunch in Kyungki-do, South Korea

They do not fool around in Singapore!
Me with my bag of hot tea and Orchid CC superintendent Adam in Singapore

Dr. Micah Wood, Asian Turfgrass, Bangkok
Annie Boriraj, Product Manager and Market Development and Toi Tankuranun, Product Manager, Irrigation John Deere Asia in Bangkok, Thailand

Demo at Clearwater Bay CC. Us vs. Tru-Turf. We won in green speed and topdressing incorporation!!! Call Darry Kostar superintendent for results.
Look close. Do you see the elephant in the mountain? Clearwater Bay CC in Hong Kong
Denny Xu, Vice General Manager and Sam Cheng with Zhuhai E-Way in Zhuhai, China




Great fresh fish market in Hong Kong

Quite the selection of eggs at the local grocery store in Beijing

Demonstrations with superintendent Mr. Zhang Fengming, Sam Zhang, Christine Li and Leo Zhang in Beijing, China

Demonstration at Grand Eagle in Beijing, China with Sam Zhang, Linda Liu, Wanamakerr King, Christine Li, Marco Wan and Robin Na

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