2009 China Golf Show – Beijing


Opening day of the Golf Show.

Eric Phua from AT Bestequip with his boss Dick TOH K.T., James Sua, CGCS, Gerald Hooi and Tiong from Singapore

Our Booth.

Greenman Machinery Company booth representing John Deere.

Fat Dragon booth representing Toro along with E-Way the other Toro distributor for China.

Knock off China products.

Wangfujing Street food court.


Step right up and get you something you can’t get at home.

Yummy, kidneys and testicles!





Scorpions and grasshoppers and silk worms. Yummy for the tummy!


A little crunchy but full of protein and fiber.

Seahorses delight!



Dog meat soup anyone?


The octopus was a little chewey but the silk worms were a BURST of flavor!
I forced Kevin to eat at least one silk worm in his lifetime.

I wanted to bring her home with me. What a cutiepie!


Three amigos! Kevin Campbell, Jeff Churchill and Willie Slingerland. Tired from walking the Forbidden City.

Great mother Lion sculpture.

One of the temples in Forbidden City.


Detailed dragon door hinge in Forbidden City.
Great roofing artwork in the Forbidden City.
More beautiful artwork and roofing tiles.



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