Meet Turfline’s New Mechanical Design Engineer

Ryan Schaffer has joined Turfline, Inc as our new Mechanical Design Engineer.  Ryan received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology.  He graduated with a 3.82gpa and has a background in castings and moldings.  He will be responsible for: 3d modeling our product lines, troubleshooting technical issues, and creating prints for the manufacture shop to produce parts.  Ryan will also be the Head of Research and Development creating new product lines and brainstorming ways to improve True-Surface® even more.  We at Turfline, Inc. feel like Ryan will make a great fit to our team and are happy to have him onboard. 


True-Surface® Greens Care Collection being used at PGA Tournament Courses


True-Surface’s Secrets to ‘Truest Putting Greens’

When it comes to golf course maintenance there are a lot of different techniques and theories to get the perfect green.

All of these techniques are dependent on a number of variables: breed of grass, climate, sunlight, soil type and top-dressing chemical structure.

Research has shown one technique that can help with some of these variables and give golfers the healthiest of greens.

Over the years, courses have been told that rolling their greens will promote healthier grass. Others have said that brushing greens was the correct way to distribute top-dressing.

After a research study performed by Dr John C. Sorochan and his students at the University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture, they found that both provided improvements over doing nothing.

The research showed that rolling your green with a vibrating roller showed less distribution of the top-dressing than brushing.

“However, when used in conjunction with brushing, vibratory rolling appears to aid in increasing surface firmness and incorporating top-dressing sand into the turf canopy, where it can aid in thatch dilution (Kauffman and Sorochan, page 2).”

True-Surface by Turfline – an Associate Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation – has equipment lines that are formulated in promoting the truest putting greens.

Their innovative Flex-Brush is class leading with functionality and design. This particular brush features three independent floating heads that each can accommodate up to five brush bristles.

With four different bristle styles and five different downforce settings, brushing options are plentiful. It shows extreme versatility by allowing the user to pair the brush with the True-Surface Greens Care Collection, True-Surface Vibe V, and the triplex cutting reels.

The True-Surface Flex Brush was designed to be multi-functional on the golf course. Some of these functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Removing morning dew
  • Brushing top-dressing into canopy
  • Removal of debris
  • Standing the blades of grass up before cutting.

For a fast transition, the brush also features a quick disconnect so it can be removed from the mower and stored when not in use.

When the Flex brush is combined with the patented vibrations of the True-Surface Vibe V the results ‘become unparalleled’.

The True-Surface Vibratory Greens Rollers offer an alternative to standard dispersion practices.

True-Surface’s unique method of vibration actually energises the turf by sending light vibrations through the greens, allowing them to vibrate the sand into the turf canopy and ensure deeper penetration into the root zone. By incorporating more top-dressing sand into the canopy, the greens have less organic matter build-up in the putting surface, which results in healthier greens and greater green speeds.

These products and techniques translate into savings for the golf course, says True-Surface.

The accompanying chart showcases the significant amount of top-dressing that isn’t recollected by the cutting reels. Dr Sorochan’s study shows that after brushing and vibrating the greens, less than 3% of the light top-dressing was removed while mowing.

Getting the top-dressing sand deeper into the canopy equals less dulling of the cutting reels, thus saving maintenance time on top of the savings of wasted top-dressing.

Brushing before mowing allows the grass blade to stand up, resulting in a shorter cut to reduce the amount of cuts needed. All of these areas combined equals more dollars for the course and less dollar spot for the greens.


Time’s a Wasting! Greens Maintenance Can’t Wait!

I think most of us will agree that our time is valuable.  No one wants their time wasted!  Golf course greens maintenance can be a time consuming process.  Switching from one tool to the next, and then again and again, is enough to give you a headache.  The True-Surface Greens Care Collection is exactly what you need to save your valuable time.  Utilize the 13 different inserts and performing 13 different greens maintenance tasks without ever changing machines.  The Greens Care Collection will leave your golf greens smooth and healthy without a disruption in golfer’s play time.  Your greens are ready immediately.




How To Prepare For A Successful Turfgrass Tradeshow

It is turfgrass tradeshow season once again. And the burning question is always how to get the most bang for your buck. Exhibitors want to know how to bring more business to their booths, and customers want to know how to get the most out of their time spent on the tradeshow floor.


How To Prepare Your Golf Greens For Fall

Fall is one of our favorite seasons for many reasons! We love feeling the summer air turn into a cool brisk wind and seeing the green leaves turn into the most amazing warm vibrant shades of red and yellow.


US Greenskeepers in Ireland – September 2011


 Once the golf at Lahinch and Doonbeg was done it was time to tour the city of Dublin and the Temple Bar area.
 On top of the Loop Head Lighthouse in Co. Clare, Ireland.
Chuck Gast, David Kinkhammer and Tim Burch.
 The Loop Head Lighthouse.
 Klinkhammer checking out some of his photos and videos while waiting on lunch at Quinn Abbey Pub.
Chuck and Tim enjoying a nicely made Guinness.?

Canada August 2011


I guess I would be Satified or Happy using this Complacent Chinese, OUCH, foot massage.
Near the airport in Vancouver.
Turf Care Field Day at Tarandowah Golfers Club in Ontario, Canada.
Display of True-Surface GCC and Vibe-V rollers at Field Day.
Percy Collins of Turf Carer Canada and Sylvain Dore, Superintendant at Les Boises de Joly in Joly, Quebec.  Think we had a big enough trailer for the demo?  Just kidding as we also had other equipment to drop off.
Use of the True-Surface Greens Care Collection Trekker unit with a Vacu-Groomer attachment at La Tempete Golf Club in Quebec.

British Open at Royal St. George – July 2011


Great sod bunker work that is synonymous with Links courses.
True-Surface rollers being used at the British Open at Royal St. George.
2011 British Open winner Darren Clarke
2009 British Open Champion Stewart Cink
2 time Masters Champion Bernhard Langer
2011 US Open winner Rory McIlroy
Beautiful sod bunkers that I probably could not pitch out of at the Open.
Check out the undulation of this green at Royal St. George.  WOW!

Paris – July 2011


Sue with her afternoon wine at a great Bistro.


Notre Dame Cathedral


Sue with one of the smallest cars we had ever seen!


Entrance to the Louvre Museum
The Mona Lisa was on my bucket list to see.  Check another one off!


Look Ma no arms!   Venus de Milo by Alexandros of Antioch.
Great marketplace to buy French baguettes and croissants.


Almost every type of cheese produced in France is sold at this stand.


Seafood that was caught that morning for sale in the market on the streets of Paris.


View from the top of Notre Dame Cathedral


Bell that Quasimoto (Hunchback of Notre Dame) would have rode on.


View of the Eiffel Tower from position across the Seine River where Adolf Hitler viewed it from during WW II.


One of the skeletons found in the catacombs under the streets of Paris.  Small boy in suit.




People attach notes to locks and lock them to bridges over the Seine.  Love notes, prayers, etc.


The headstone of Jim Morrison (lead singer of The Doors).  40th Anniversary of his death this year.


Sue in front of the Moulin Rouge Cabaret.


The Basilica of the Sacred Heart (Basilique du Sacre-French Coeur).  The highest point in Paris. 1,325 ft. above sea level.

Taiwan and Vietnam 2011


 Toi Tankuranun and Annie Boriraj from John Deere enjoying Taiwanese dishes at the Tourist Market.
 Ron Carlyle testing JD220E-Cut at JYI Field Day.
 View down the Tourist Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan.
 That will give you a splitting headache!
 Practicing for my retirement job on the streets of Ha Noi, Vietnam.
 View from one of the greens at Hanoi Golf Club, Ha Noi, Vietnam.
 Welcoming sign inside the maintenance facilty.
 Preparing for lunch with Manager and Superintendent from Hanoi Golf Club along with Tuyen and Duong from Mekong Machinery Company.
 Great deep fried fish.  Found out we are wasting time scaling the fish first.  Scales fry up nicely!
 Vietnam War era jeep totally refurbished at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Hanoi.
 Beach Club at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort.
 One heck of a tree carrier.  Where is the root ball?
 Two of the caddies at the Montgomerie Links Golf Club in Danang, Vietnam.
 Roger Jones, Director of Grounds at Twin Doves Golf Club, with the sand washing and sorting station that he designed.  Outside Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.
 Filling Station for the thousands of scooters on the streets of Vietnam.
Ice Cream vendor in HCM City, Vietnam.

Hong Kong – June 2011


 As fresh as the seafood can get!  Sold right off the boat.
 The boat ride to Kau Sai Chau – The Jockey Club Golf Course.
 Photo of Mongoose that help control the cobras at Kau Sai Chau golf course.
 Eric Liu – Assistant Golf Course Superintendent at Kau Sai Chau.
 Very nice turfgrass maintenance facilty at Kau Sai Chau.
 This photo will give you some idea of the elevation changes in the course.  Also shows the electric pig fence to keep the critters off of the course.
 Myself, Christine Chan – Course Superintendent and Eric.
 The variety of seafood and the freshness of the food is hard to beat at the pier in Sai Kung.
 View of on of the Hong Kong subways during non rush hour.  Some of the cleanest in the world.
 Justin Chan from Shriro and Yeung Ka Wa, Golf Course Superintendent at Macau Golf and Country Club.
 Justin Chan and Chan Yuen Hung, Manager of Discovery Bay Golf Club.
Low clouds looking back towards Hong Kong from Discovery Bay Golf Club.?

Pattaya, Thailand and Beijing, China – March 2011


Not sure about this one for a meal.  Have had pig intestine in Thailand before but was in a soup.

 One of the great “taxis” in Pattaya, Thailand.  Very cheap and efficient transportation.


 Part of the group attending the Sustainable Turfgrass Conference in Pattaya.


 Philip Russell fro?m the R & A explaining turfgrass conditions to attendees.
 Michael Coffey from the R & A and a member at St. Andrews talking to attendees at Pattaya.
 One of the roadside restaurants along the way from Bangkok to Pattaya.
 Jeff Churchill from Smithco during Greenman banquet in Beijing, China while attending the 2011 China Golf Show.
 Hessel Rozema of Redexim Charterhouse and Amy An of Greenman during Greenman 10 year celebration with John Deere banquet.
 Jackie of G-Sports looking like he is getting ready to do the Crane position for battle as Leo looks on.
 Do you want your mealworms crispy of soft?
 Jason and I with the cheap chinese lightning on the left and the good stuff on the right in white bottle.
The cheap stuff did me in that night for sure.
Robin, Jason, Me, Christine and Leo before the great times and meals start to roll.?

BIGGA Show – Harrogate, UK January 2011


Marcus Oliver, Alan Oliver, Mike Stott and Stuart Hutchins of GreenTek, UK.


Sun Ying and personnel from Greenman, Industries from China visiting booth.


Ex-President of GCSAA Mark Kuhns and his wife Janet.


Great display developed by the folks at GreenTek showing off our True-Surface Vibe-V vibratory greens rollers.


Bettys and Taylors of Harrogate is one of the best tea rooms in the UK if you ever get the chance to have a cup of English tea and a scone or biscuit.